Fair Trade

(HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2017) On November 24, 2017, the award ceremony of the Fair Trade Supporter Recognition Scheme, organized by the Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK), was held on the fourth floor at No. 760, Cheung Sha Wan Road, Cheung Sha Wan. With its consistent transparency in trading and operation mode and great dedication to helping developing countries develop fair trade, HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. (hereinafter referred to shortly as HL&C) is honored as a Fair Trade Supporter.


Fair Trade of HL&C

Fair Trade is an organized social activity. Embodied in its logo and relevant products, Fair Trade advocates equity in global labor, environment protection and social policy. Products with Fair Trade include handicrafts and agricultural products. Fair Trade especially focuses on the selling and transporting of goods from developing countries to developed countries.

HL&C has been providing professional employment services for Philippine, Indonesian and Thai helpers with nearly 30 years of practical experience and has played an important role in bridging the export of developing countries’ labor to developed countries’ need. HL&C has been holding its transparent trading mode and business partnership, and has developed a mutual respect relationship with employers and foreign helpers. We do not charge the helpers for finding employers for them, and provide reliable help for them in the complex social environment; we do not overcharge the employers for providing services for them, and all the fees are charged according to applicable regulations. We insist on the policy that pricing should be determined after taking all the stakeholders’ benefits into consideration and achieving a balance between them. In addition to equity, it not only includes production costs, but also complies with the social justice and environmental protection principles. Therefore, HL&C has won the trust of quite a lot of employers and foreign helpers. On account of this, foreign helpers and employers have achieved a win-win status in HL&C where they can find ideal partners.

The justice principle for Fair Trade is not only reflected in operation. HL&C has spared no efforts in support of developing countries. We have arranged Fair Trade Pantries to convince the staff with the organizations’ active participation in Fair Trade by replacing the pantry coffee and snacks with Fair Trade products, and hold seminars from time to time to help the staff understand the concept and benefits of Fair Trade & sustainability. By actively participating in these activities, we hope to deepen the staff’s understanding of Fair Trade, further develop the cohesion among the staff and fully implement the company’s social responsibility.

Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK)

Established in 2008, Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) is a non-profit organization that promotes Fair Trade. FTHK has always been dedicating its efforts to promoting fair trade economic development and helping laborers in developing countries get reasonable pay to alleviate the injustice status quo of social poverty as well as to co-build a sustainable future. The Fair Trade Supporter Recognition Scheme is aimed at encouraging and recognizing organizations which are committed to Fair Trade in their operation. From procurement to organizing staff activities, various approaches are available to support and participate in Fair Trade, which can alleviate the poverty of producers in developing countries with a sustainable economic prospect.

Being awarded as a Fair Trade Supporter is definitely an acknowledgement on HL&C’s responsibility undertaking. Only by all the enterprises undertaking their due responsibilities can social integrity be established and maintained. Integrity is the first priority. We are committed to promoting the development of Fair Trade in the foreign helper industry and trying to achieve win-win progress.

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