Family-Friendly Employers Recognition

HONG KONG, Oct 25, 2016 -- On 25th Oct, HL&C Employment Agency Ltd., a professional domestic helper employment services company, was awarded with the “Family-friendly Employers 2015/16 Award”* and "Awards for Breastfeeding Support 2015/16" to commend for its social responsibility by caring for its staff. This is the 1st time for HL&C to join the scheme which aimed at the endeavoring of its development to further promote staff welfares.

※ Picture-1. Ms Fiona Lau(left), Branch Manager of HL&C, joined the Awards Presentation Ceremony
※Pictrue-2. Ms Jean Amparado(left) and Ms Fiona Lau(right), CTR Branch Manager and CWB Branch Manager attended the ceremony

Staff Caring in HLC

In the past year, HL&C has continued to participate in a variety of community activities such as elderly home visits, volunteer flag selling for fund raising and seaside cleaning etc… Moreover, HL&C has attended to the needs of its colleagues with the introduction of sports week, parent-child activities, monthly birthday party, employee body check ups and advance on-job training programs, etc. In recent years, HL&C has further fine tune its policies to cater for its mission to the society so that it keeps its track on the socially sustainable development. In addition to maintaining its responsibilities to its stakeholders, HL&C has incorporated social responsibilities as part of their Corporate Mission. It firmly believes that the goals to strive for business excellence must contain excellent business ethnics, a concern for employee’s work life balances and a mind set for environmental concerns. In the future, HL&C aims at continuously being a caring company to build for a brighter future for Hong Kong.

In 2016, HL&C was also awarded with:

※ In March 2016, HL&C have participated at the Smoking Cessation Program and was awarded with the “Smoke-Free Company” recognition;
※In May 2016, HL&C was awarded with The “Caring Company Recognition” by HKCSS in appreciation for its efforts on staff, community and environmental caring for the nine consecutive years;
※In Nov., 2016, HL&C is scheduled to be awarded with the HSBC Living Business Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of Merit for Caring for People and Green Achievement respectively.

Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

* Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme: Launched in 2011, the biennial Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme (the Award Scheme) recognizes employers who attach importance to the family-friendly spirit, encourages them to continue to put in place measures to raise employers' awareness of the importance of family core values, and aims to foster a pro-family culture and environment. The "Awards for Breastfeeding Support 2015/16" have been added in the third Award Scheme to commend employers that provide suitable facilities in the workplace to support employees who are breastfeeding.

HL&C believes that the philosophy of a sustainable corporate development should not only be confined within the corporate mission of its own and it should extend to the supply chain and eco-system in which it operates. Throughout 2016, HL&C has manifested the critical elements to its upstream suppliers and conduct regular audits on their enhancements of social responsibilities in the hope of promoting the concept to its stakeholders. Overall, HL&C will continue to improve its provision of professional services to its clients as well as placing its emphasizes on caring for the community, its staff and the environment so that it may continue to shoulder its responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen of Hong Kong.

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