Domestic Helper 4th Generation Training

2019-04-05 09:00

"HL&C" is one of the pioneering organizations to introduce foreign domestic helper training in Hong Kong and we are proud to have provided superior and comprehensive home safety, baby care and elderly care training over the past 25 years to over 10,000 helpers.
Since 1996, HL&C has began to cooperate with "Union Hospital" and "Town Gas Cooking Center" to carry out the "The 2nd Generation Baby Caring & Cooking Course" which was later upgrade to "The 3rd Generation Household Training Program" in 2001. With the rising standard of living, we have therefore re-designed our program in 2011 to become "The 4th Generation Training Program" in order to continuously improving our services.

Domestic Helper 4th Generation Training can also be viewed at our HL&C YouTube Channel.

4th Generation Training

Original Price:HK$7,800, Promotion Price:HK$6,200,Training course included Part I, Part II and Part III.

This package will include a 20 hours of home safety, baby care and elderly care.

(Training Video) Teaching Method: Providing the course materials in English and Indonesian depending on the nationality of the helpers, interactive teaching method, exam for learning result.

Part I - II:(16 hours)

Baby Caring (Languages: English or Indonesian):

Even though domestic helper may have her own child or has the experience on taking care of children, their experience may be not accepted by HK employer because of the different culture. Against this matter, HL&C had invited a famous professor in children education aspect for design a set of taking care of children to fit for HK employers’ need.

Course Objectives: Our course aims at guiding the helper to take care of infants aged from 0-3. Our courses entail both the theoretical lectures and practical exercises with video demonstrations to each participant. The trainees will learn much about the theory and skills. The key part of the course will be practicing.

Course timetable:

Day One Program
※ Prevention of Accidents
※ Basic First Aid
※ Choking Handling
※ Causes of Infant Discomfort
※ Common illness
※ Caring of Basic Sicknesses
※ Bandaging Practice
※ Recovery Position
※ Airway Management

Day Two Program
※ Household hygiene
※ Infant nutritional needs
※ Bathing & Diaper Changing
※ Causes and Handling of Crying
※ Infant Guidance & Play
※ Communication with Infant
※ Dressing & Undressing
※ Bathing Practice

Part III:(4 hours)

Elderly Care(Languages: English or Indonesian):

Old parent were taken care, then employer can focus on fighting for the future. Domestic helper takes most responsibility for taking care of elderly. And the elderly may require another set of skills for the caring of their daily lives.

Course Objectives: This course focuses on how to handle the normal lives of the elderly and provide the basic guideline to the helpers so they may understand the needs of our senior citizens.

Course Timetable:

Day Three Program
※ Physiological and psychological development of Elderly
※ Healthy life style & sports
※ Hypertension & diabetes
※ Heart disease and stroke
※ Understanding Dementia and Parkinson Disease
※ Video demonstration and Practice

If you would like your helper to have the 4th domestic helper training, please contact us at 3710 3710.

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