Intellectual Capital Management

Organized by Intellectual Property Department of HKSAR with the support from Hong Kong Productivity Council and Asia Intellectual Capital Alliance, the Award Presentation Ceremony for "2011 Excellent Performance on Intellectual Capital Management" was held on 21 January 2011 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. HLC was honorably one of the awardees of "2011 Excellent Performance on Intellectual Capital Management".

Creativity leads the future

With the spirit of "Excellence in Intellectual Capital Management", HLC will continue to increase our own competitive edge through striving for protection of intellectual capital and creation of a pro-business environment for society. In fact, we have been participating in various promotion activities to support and assist small and medium enterprises to understand the importance of use of intellectual capital.

Solid Strategic Management, Vigorous Self-management

Established in 1991, HLC persists in flexibility, grasps opportunities and continues to drive on basis principles. We use the latest professional knowledge and motivating environment to equip our team to secure our competitive edge and predominance in creativity in the industry. We fully understand intellectual capital is a valuable asset to the enterprise itself. It helps to promote the business potential. Intellectual capital is an invisible asset of all enterprises and it can create higher value for them.

Professional Excellence

The programme of “Excellent Performance on Intellectual Capital Management” is to commend enterprises which are committed to implementation of intellectual capital management. The Government of HKSAR endeavors to protect intellectual property so as to create a pro-business environment and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness. Intellectual Capital Management is a set of simple management tools to help enterprises better and fully utilize their already-owned knowledge and skill sets. For several years, there have been innumerable enterprises who joined the programme. It is our greatest honour to receive the award and we have to thank for the support from the community.

As a company in the servicing industry, we clearly know that staff is the most valuable asset. Thus, we spend much resource in people training, formulate effective succession planning, motivate awareness amongst staff of their own potential and quality and ultimately provide more promotion opportunities and challenge.

Last but not all, HLC will continue to own the corporate responsibility to protect intellectual property in the years ahead

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