Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index

(14 Feb 2017, Hong Kong) For the promotion of the understanding and the adoption of corporate social responsibility as a business model for achieving business sustainability in the Hong Kong business sector, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has jointly compiled the Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index with the Hong Kong Productivity Council. This index mainly reflects the trends and achievements of a group of most progressive HK SMEs in CSR practices, serving as a benchmark of business sustainability in this sector. In 2016, the index is compiled with information of the best 33 (which was 43 in 2014) of those SMEs with proven records of excellent performance in undertaking CSR initiatives. In order to capture the development and performance of business sustainability of SMEs in Hong Kong, the HKSME Business Sustainability Index will be compiled year by year and the updated index with the revised list of companies will be announced annually.

※ Picture-1. Ms Fiona Lau(left), Branch Manager of HL&C, joined the Awards Presentation Ceremony
※ Pictrue-2. Group photo

As one of the selected companies for the construction of the index, HL&C is delighted to be receiving this prestiged award for the 4th consecutive year which confirmed our achievement on the most important goal of business sustainability, namely enhanced competitiveness through better resource utilization, building up good relationship with stakeholders, adding value to products and services, strengthening corporate image, and raising the confidence of banks and investors. The ceremony was conducted at Senate Room, 16/F, Li Ka Shing Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon.

Founded in 1991, HLC mainly engages in overseas domestic helper agency services. Since then, it has been persisted in diversified business models. Throughout the years, we strived on this philosophy to promote industry development and adopt social responsibility. Since 2010, we have conducted trainings on ‘Career Path Planning’, ‘Changes on Strategic Thinking’ and ‘Knowledge Management’ with an aim to enhance skill of our staff and secure succession planning within the Company. Training materials were converted to video-aid files and published in websites to benefit visitors. To adopt social responsibility, HLC takes the lead to encourage its staff with paid leave to participate in and make donation to voluntary activities organized by social welfare organizations so as to serve Disadvantaged Group.

This honour is also a reward to HLC for its commitment on providing quality services on one hand and a commendation on our achievement in application of the latest information technology on the other. Managed under ISO9001, daily operating guidelines are well-defined and strictly followed through by all staff members. Striving for excellence is not only pursued by the Company but also a standard of providing quality customer service by its staff.

HLC has used the latest professional knowledge and motivating environment to equip our team to secure our competitive edge and predominance in creativity in the industry. In 2016, HLC was awarded again the Certificate of Merit at the HSBC Living Business Awards in recognition of its commitment to keep environmental green, and its commitment to people caring. We will continue to optimize our platform and strengthen our customer service management to create more value for our customers. HLC has also been awarded Caring Company for 10 consecutive years from the HKCSS and Outstanding Performance in Best Green ICT (Adoption – SMEs) which was supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and organized by ten local professional associations. HLC has also been awarded Excellent Performance on Intellectual Capital Management as recognition on its implementation of Intellectual Capital Management, to promote corporate citizenship and support to the public will definitely be our priorities in the years ahead.

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