Smoke-free Company Recognition

HONG KONG, April 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On 1st April, HL&C was awarded the Smoke-free Company Recognition to commend for its social responsibility by caring for its staff and the environment (please refer website: ). This is 1st time for HL&C has joined the scheme which aimed to enrich its staff with healthy knowledge about smoking and secondhand smoking. Besides, we have set up smoke-free policy as part of the company's policy to ensure the implementation of the scheme.

Smoke-free office

Since 1991, with the persistence on 'Good Quality, Good Service', HL&C has fulfilled a variety of needs from all kinds of clients and has insisted on being a responsible company in the society. In recent years, we have adjusted its policies to cater for its mission to the society so that it can continue to be part of the socially sustainable development. In addition to maintaining its responsibilities to its stakeholders, we have incorporated social responsibilities as part of their Corporate Mission. It firmly believes that the goals to strive for business excellence should work together with business ethnics, employee work life balances and environmental concerns. In the future, we aim at being a caring company to help to build for a brighter future for Hong Kong.

In 2016, HL&C was also awarded, for the nine consecutive years, the 'Caring Company Recognition' by HKCSS in appreciation for its efforts on staff, community and environment caring. In the past year, we have joined a variety of community activities such as elderly visit, volunteer flag selling and seaside cleaning etc… Moreover, we have attended to the needs of its colleagues with the introduction of sports week, parent-child activities, birthday parties, body check and advance on-job training, etc. In March 2016, we have participated at the Smoking Cessation Program. The program has included health talks and the set up of a No-Smoking Policy to its staff so that they may be more aware of the harm from smoking and secondhand smoking. Furthermore, work shops have also been set up, under the No-Smoking Policy, to assist smoking staff to be benefited from the program. For those who have successfully ceased from smoking, awards were given as a recognition for their efforts.

As a follow up program, it has allocated funds to its colleagues, who have quitted smoking, to participate in enhancement programs; these programs includes Yoga, Gym training and various other sports activities. Encouragement was also given to staff to sign up for a Smoke-Free Work Place to share more about life after smoking cessation. HL&C sincerely hope that it will help the society to become healthier and cleaner.

Smoking Cessation Program

“Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace”: Charity Organization - Lok Sin Tong has endeavor on Smoking Cessation service in HK since 2013, which attracts over 100 companies joined, 50 companies are still on the waiting list. 2015/2016, supported by Tobacco Control Office, Department of health, cooperated with School Nursing and School of Publish Health of The University of Hong Kong, Lok Sin Tong implements smoking cessation program in workplace, encouraging employee to smoking cessation. Set up 135 years ago, Lok Sin Tong has aimed to provide value-added and quality volunteer services to the deprived and the public through collaboration with all sectors or stakeholders in the community.

HL&C will continue to improve its provision of professional services to all clients as well as placing its emphasizes on caring for the community, its staff and the environment so that it may continue to shoulder its responsibilities as a corporate citizen of Hong Kong.

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