Domestic Helper's Visa Extension

2019-04-05 09:00

Domestic Helper Visa Extension

If you want to extend with your helper for further 1 month after the expiry of twenty-four months, that is, for a total of twenty-five months, you will need to extend the employment contract and work permit.

Service Fee: HKD$800
The services include a one-month extension of the employment contract and a one-month extension of the working visa for the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Please refer Notice to Client before you start to use our service, including Service Agreement, Appendix1 and Appendix2.

All service fees and/or charges listed herein on our website are correct at the time of release but are subject to change without notice.
The service fees and/or charges listed herein are based upon the assumptions of a standard service package as defined in our Service Agreement, your final fees may vary depending on whether surcharges are to be levied on any extra services required.
To protect your personal interest, you are kindly requested to confirm the latest prevailing service fees and/or charges related to the services you may need regardless to whether it is a standard or tailor made service package.
If you have any queries about the service fees and/or charges herein on this website, please contact our branch or call our Customer Service Officer at 3710 3710 for clarification.

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