5C. What a domestic helper should do

2024-03-04 16:00

The following guidelines contain expectations of employers that should be observed at all times. These guidelines will help you adjust and earn the appreciation of your employers easily:

  1. Follow your employer’s instructions.
  2. Schedule your daily tasks systematically, so that you can finish them quickly and efficiently. Maintain a high level of initiative.
  3. Do extra work as requested by your employer.
  4. Do good quality work and keep up with the employer’s standards of quality and efficiency.
  5. Be polite and cheerful in your disposition.
  6. Practice good behavior and good manners.
  7. Greet your employers and his family members, relatives, friends and visitors, when meeting them by saying "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon", or whatever is proper at the time. Always say "Thank you" and use the word "Please" at appropriate times.
  8. When visitors come to the house, it is a Chinese tradition to serve the visitors with drinks such as tea, juice or soft drink by holding the glass with both hands, instead of just one
  9. Answer the phone politely and take messages if the employer is away.
  10. When at the table, use chopsticks or spoon and fork. Do not use your hands.
  11. Be flexible. Accept and adjust yourself to your employer’s way of life, cooking preferences and practices.
  12. Be thankful and appreciative of your employer’s kindness and consideration.
  13. Always seek permission if you want to leave your place of work. Leave information on your whereabouts, especially if you stay out overnight or over the weekend.



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